five fact friday

1. I bought some pretty tulips this week. I've been searching for daffodils, but these will have to do. 
It's nice having a little spring on my kitchen table. 
 photo IMG_8349_zpse91999f5.jpg

2. We've had a little gathering of swans swimming outside our back door this week.
Luke and I like to watch them from the sun room. As long as we stay inside, they stay right along our shoreline.
 photo IMG_8352_zps86c8c743.jpg

3. Luke turns our couch into a parking garage for trains and dinosaurs on the daily.
I told him that was a really big dinosaur, and he said, "Yeah, and his eyes werk in the dark!"
guess he's been paying attention to dinosaur train 
 photo EFE458D5-9447-486C-9668-47F61003F522-9021-000011C703DFF157_zpsd541dd4f.jpg

4. You guys. This weather lately! 75?! Amazing.
We've spent some fun family time at the park and lake- tossing rocks in of course.

My new favorite thing Luke does is chase birds. He runs after them and yells "Hey bird!" and when they fly away, he puts his fingers on his cheeks (trying to cup his mouth) and hollers, "Birrrrrrd? Where arrrrrrre youuuu bird?"
It cracks me up, every time.
 photo D00BA84A-CBE5-49A9-A74F-0214EE53B159-9021-000011C6A8626F77_zpseeee9caf.jpg

5.  We're having our last date night before baby tonight. We're doubling with some friends, and I'm really excited. Because a) it's a date, b) other adults! and c) I know I'll be attached by the chest to a newborn for the next coming months so here's to getting out now!


  1. Pete has a bird feeder outside his window. When we fill it up he yells to the birds, "birdie snack!" Though it just works at making them fly away.


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