baby bump: week 39

 photo 39weeks_zps8d8d7eba.jpg

Without getting into details here, things are movin'. 
So basically I am moving around as little as possible so as not to tip over the edge into real labor. 
We're praying I can make it until my mom comes on Wednesday, but we've got some back up plans for Luke just in case. I need to pack HIM an overnight bag today (lucky boy gets to have some fun cousin time!). 

I actually got a little bored this week. All of the things on my list had been crossed off (including my pre-baby pedicure, hurrah! but you know, I still have the final last minute clean sweep of the house/last minute items tossed in my hospital bag), so I didn't have anything to "do". Instead Luke and I have been focusing on having fun together (which basically means I read him The Gruffalo 80 million times and then we play trains and then cars and then trains and then airplanes and  basketball and then maybe some hide and go seek. And then trains.)

I was totally right about my belly being smaller this time. I remember measuring my belly (around my belly button) at 38 weeks with Luke- it was 42". I measured this time at 39 weeks, and it's 37". And I'm still 15 lbs under my weight with Luke. So I guess we are looking at a 6 pounder?? Luke was 7lbs4oz, so we'll see!
And for a picture comparison... 

 photo 39weekscomparison_zps0fc67475.jpg

Also, since we're nearing the end of this series, I thought I'd share an outtake.
Travis thinks it's hilarious to snap pictures while I'm smoothing out my shirt or fixing my hair.
So I end up with literally one nice one and then a thousand looking something like this:

 photo IMG_8362_zps4a9720c4.jpg

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