you guys.

I don't want to let him to go sleep tonight. 
because in those dark, early morning hours, he will turn two.
I thought turning two would be easier on my mama heart than turning one was.
but it isn't, not really. 

sometimes in the morning, Luke will crawl into bed with me, and I'll let him watch the "bebe shows" on my phone.
They're just videos of him, that little narcissist. 
but my heart aches as I listen to the little baby voice of just last summer. 
he sounds so grown up now, and I know in a few more months, he'll sound even older. 

so indulge my pregnant-mama hormones and allow me to post roughly half a million photos of tiny baby luke. (not like you could stop me. But also. can you believe he used to be that small?!)
being his mama is the best job ever.
what a privilege.
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  1. Seriously, he is too cute. I hope my kids will be at least half as cute as Luke.

    (When I saw the black and white photo of you holding him in the hospital pop up on my blog roll, I thought that you had had your baby!! ;))

  2. Awww!! I love newborn faces. I don't love newborn sleep schedules, so its good their faces make up for it. He was such a cute baby and he's such a cute little man.

    We celebrate two in three weeks! I signed up to have a baby, I don't remember agreeing to a toddler! Haha!


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