snow day

we got a good dumping of snow last week, and it was perfect packing snow. 
Trav rushed home from work and scooped up our boy and they headed out to play.
 photo 6DA17861-48B1-41B0-9780-23E2AEA7135D-32455-00003855FD20BC80_zps9130359a.jpg

I watched my boys play from our bedroom window. 
I'm not sure who had more fun.

 photo IMG_8193_zpsc7f5a8d3.jpg
 photo IMG_8187_zpsc60bea08.jpg
 photo IMG_8191_zpse0ef49a1.jpg

There was snowman building, snowball throwing, makeshift sledding, and even a snowball fight.
These two have such a special relationship, and I love watching them interact and rough house together.
Travis is the best dad, and Luke just adores him.

Plus, I really appreciated Travis teaching Luke to throw snowballs- while we were running errands the next day, Luke (unbeknownst to me) scooped up a bit of snow before I hoisted him into his carseat...and threw it at my head when I got in the car. We both laughed pretty hard. Good thing the snow is all melted by now!

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  1. Wonderful snow! You sure have a lot of space to run around in, it's so good that Luke can have some daddy play time, and that he has learned how to throw snowballs. It's an important skill to have


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