Luke is two!

the obligatory birthday post with tons of pictures; you can skip if you want too 

We wanted to spend some good quality time together as a family of three before we added another to the mix, and Luke's birthday seemed like the perfect occasion to do that. The day of his birthday, Luke and I played all morning, and Travis came home around lunch. We put our boy down for a nap, packed, and did the present thing (he's gotten really good at opening presents). And then we took off for a weekend of fun! 

I bought him a balloon and a new Thomas the train shirt to wear that day...you can guess how he felt about both.
 photo ECFFE71D-B647-40C9-9154-21C93FB51DF3-32455-000038558C9962B0_zps54867b47.jpg photo IMG_8196-Copy_zps71b88a69.jpg
 photo IMG_8216_zpsb1004fd0.jpg
 photo IMG_8226_zpsd7dcabbd.jpg photo IMG_8231_zps56535637.jpg

he cried when we tried to take his train book away from him so he could open more presents.
and he has to wear his new backpack everywhere (thanks mimi and papa!)

 photo IMG_8234_zps25d6ffa5.jpg photo IMG_8239_zpsb1683b19.jpg

We thought it would be prudent to stay nearby my doctor,
so we only went about an hour from home, but we booked a hotel, and had a fun evening swimming.

 photo IMG_8258_zpsbe9f7807.jpg
 photo 50f44999-e4c7-4a46-b39a-fd137a638000_zps5186bebc.jpg

and yeah, turns out 34 weeks does fit into a swim suit. barely.

 photo C7FFFA3D-FCD2-4396-842F-ABDD9E40C92E-32455-0000385565296B50_zps34c22e06.jpg

The next morning, we headed to a small children's museum to let Luke run and play.
He loves pushing things around, so the shopping carts were heaven for him. He got a little over enthusiastic about it, and was running into everyone. oops.

 photo IMG_8260_zps2561913e.jpg photo IMG_8264_zpsb1fb4645.jpg
 photo IMG_8270_zpsf712eb93.jpg
 photo IMG_8286_zps18ba9705.jpg
 photo IMG_8294_zps7080edba.jpg

We left around lunch time (just in time- it was starting to get crowded), and grabbed some food...annnnd ice cream. Of course. By the time we headed home, our birthday boy had crashed. He must have been exhausted from all the fun, because he never sleeps in the car. ever.

 photo IMG_8298_zps29fcfb10.jpg
 photo IMG_8299_zps14d5cf11.jpg

Sunday we had some birthday cake (and his favorite meal...mashed potatoes). I tried to get a picture of him with his cake & the candle lit, but literally the second I set the cake in front of him, he yelled, "Oh, it's hot" and blew out the candle.
It was hilarious, but who taught him to do that?
Crazy kid.

 photo IMG_8303_zpsbb8c3fac.jpg
I'm so grateful we have little Luke in our family. I know everyone thinks their kids are the greatest (and you should! they're yours, and they are!), but we sure got lucky with this one. I think we'll keep him around for another few years.


  1. So fun! I'm still trying to decide how to celebrate Olivia's. I'm thinking princess cupcakes with cousins (she doesn't really have friends yet. . . ) but what can I plan that five year old boys and two year old girls will both enjoy? Its a mystery.

    I've never worn a swim suit while preggo, probably because its always been winter. Bummer, because I bet swimming feels great when your muscles are sore from supporting a baby with your abs.

  2. This is precious. (: I'm glad it turned out to be a good day.


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