five fact friday

1. Luke had his two year check up this week (no shots, hip-hip-hooray!).
And he gained a couple pounds, which puts him in the 3% for weight and 10% for height.
(which is AWESOME. He was previously in the 0.13% for weight. he's  a little guy!)
(and, uh, yeah. he insisted on wearing his hat the whooooole time. The kid knows cool when he sees it)
 photo C08C5D74-8D8D-444C-A228-B03ECD39A56F-33309-00003A7F838BD454_zps9bc6bdd3.jpg photo 1AD73365-1470-46E5-A057-DF34CF24EFB7-33309-00003A7F7C8C5691_zps468f4dae.jpg

2. After his checkup, I was scheduling an appointment for Travis (we see a family doctor). I set Luke up on the counter so he couldn't run away from me, and a few minutes later I hear him sputtering "yuck".
Turns out he had grabbed a few of the coffee beans from the pen holder and was crunching away on them.
he must have thought they were chocolate. Gross.
 photo 2853c6e9-a840-449a-9346-cdc270d6fb34_zps66d70740.jpg

3. Sometimes, when you're a mom, you realize that you've been running errands all day with a half eaten jelly bean stuck in your hair. Wonder how many people noticed?
 photo 05318C99-A57C-4BC5-943B-CE7C69CDE53B-32455-000038558733A4C6_zps41cc889c.jpg

4. I finally bought a new diaper bag this week- and went with a backpack.
(does anyone else hate how ugly regular diaper bags are?)
I'm really excited to use this one; it's already organized and stocked with newborn necessities.
plus toddler toys, duh.
 photo 6053C74C-4954-4CA6-9C87-0BD6D74E590A-35626-00003E735DB98891_zps8565bf66.jpg

5. Luke has a little buddy from church that he loves to play with. The other night, Trav & I heard him talking to himself after we had put him to bed. We crept close to the door to listen and we heard him calling "Peeeeete! Where arrrrrre you, Pete? Pete? Oh, you're at church Pete. Bye, Pete! Pete? Where arrreee you Pete?" We were dying trying to keep our laughter subdued so he wouldn't hear.


  1. Where did you get that backpack? I've been looking for one just like that for my diaper bag! I want it so badly. It is a billion times cuter than most "diaper bags."

    1. Hope you see this laurel! Your email isn't linked! The backpack is from target!! Go get one quick, it's perfect! :)

  2. 1. He's so cute!!! How much does he weigh?
    4. I don't think my diaper bag is ugly, but for how large it is, it holds an annoyingly small amount of stuff. I only use it at church. Other times I just stuff diapers and wipes into my large purses or bring a tote bag. Pockets and pouches end up making me frustrated.


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