five fact friday

1. Luke has recently decided he needs to eat at "the big boy" (or, as we call it in normal human speech, the table). We've kept him in his high chair because (stupidly) our house has white carpet in the dining area. But then he refused to eat anywhere else, so we bought him a booster seat and it has been so nice sitting together at "the big boy".
But someone please tell me when my baby grew big enough to sit at the table and eat a bowl of cereal like a real person??
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2. I went to the bathroom and came back two minutes later to find this scene. He saw me and said, "opes. (oops) A mess. Schowwy (sorry), mama, I put it away" and started putting everything back neatly.
 What a kid.
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3. I stocked up on certain post-baby necessities at the walmart today.
I got some funny looks with my cart piled with jumbo packs of nursing & maxi pads.
what, should I have bought them in more dainty quantities?
spread out the purchase?

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4. I've been trying to spend some extra good quality time with Luke. On Sunday, he helped me pop some popcorn, and we settled in on the couch and spoiled our dinners. He nuzzled his head under my arm and we both picked out all the extra buttery pieces. I love that, when we do things like this, he always looks at me and says "dis yots of pun mama, thank you"
I tell ya. He melts my heart like butta.
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5. let's talk about how amazing it is that it's march.
Smell ya later February, I'm ready for spring.


  1. He sounds like such a sweet boy!!! I can't wait until my little guy gets here and I get to experience all these special moments! And I need to get around to stocking up on my after birth necessities....doesn't sound like much fun though...

  2. He's so grown up! Sitting at the big boy table! :] I seriously hope I get to meet all of you someday! He seriously says the cutest, funniest, sweetest things ever!

  3. he's so cute and say nicest things!


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