baby bump: weeks 34-35

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whew. it's been a rough few weeks with some emergency doctor appointments and a few scares. This girl is keeping us on our toes (but I'm still betting we'll see her due date). Fortunately everything is still looking good (for her anyway!), but I've got myself a nice list of activities to avoid. It's nice having Travis around to encourage me (as well as take charge of our ship when he's home), because with the frequent contractions (but not consistent) and almost 24 hour cramping, I'm just exhausted. My doctor gave me a few sleeping pills at my appointment yesterday, and last night I slept through my contractions- and the night- for the first time in weeks. I woke up feeling amazing- I could have kissed that man- but I kissed my husband instead.
And our home is thoroughly spring cleaned (my baseboards sparkle and my closets shine), her bassinet is set up, we've got diapers and burp cloths, the carseat is ready, and her clothes are freshly cleaned. All that's left is to pack the hospital bag, and we're all set. I think that's part of why I feel so great today- there isn't anything else looming on my to-do list! And of course, now that we're ready, she'll take her sweet time :)


  1. So exciting! And your belly is still so little. I would show you the picture of me at 39 weeks, but I don't want you to have nightmares. :)

  2. Oh my goodness I can't believe you only have a few weeks left! I hope that the sleeping pills continue to help because I can't imagine getting no sleep just before having a baby and still having a toddler! That'll be crazy! I'm so excited for you!!! :] And you look great!

  3. You look amazing! I am determined to dress cuter next pregnancy. haha. Hope everything is going with you and the little babe.


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