four eyes

 a little known fact about me-
I got glasses when I was nine (nerrrrd!), and contacts when I was ten (thank you mom!!!). 
I'm practically blind. Like seriously. 

I've owned two pairs of glasses in my life. One was my first pair- it had dolphins on the side. Classy. 
When I finally outgrew them, I got a simple pair of gold glasses. 
hated wearing them both.

glasses c/o firmoo 
When Luke was born, I started wearing my contacts 24/7 (they are monthly night&day, so, you know, I guess it was kosher). My glasses prescription was wayyy outdated, and there is something about middle of the night diaper changes that really requires sharp eyesight. I didn't love this situation, so glasses moved up on my list of things to get now that those midnight, two o'clock, and four o'clock awakenings (oh, who am I kidding? it's a party all night long) will be happening again soon.

So, it was pretty serendipitous that Firmoo invited me to try a pair of their glasses. You've probably heard of Firmoo before. They're an online company that offer both prescription and non prescription eyeglasses (and sunglasses!). And they are incredibly inexpensive. So, I tried them out! It looks like the pair I chose is sold out (can't find the link any more!), but they were pretty similar to this pair.
 And what did I think?

--there is a lot of variety/styles to choose from
--the frames are high quality and prices are reallllly low (I mean, have you looked at the price of eyeglasses at a doctor's office? for just the frames? ridiculous!)
--Ordering and inputting my prescription was easy and pretty fool proof!
--you can upload you photo to the site to virtually try on the frames. I had tried this on other sites in years past, and found it didn't work very well. I was surprised at how much easier it was to tell what looked good and what didn't using this feature on Firmoo's site. So that was really helpful!
--When the glasses arrived (quickly!), they came with a hard case, a cloth case, a special cleaning cloth, AND an eyeglass repair kit. Wasn't expecting that!

--They had a small selection of "small frame" glasses. I didn't love the style of any of the options offered there, so I ordered a medium pair I liked. This is probably just a personal problem, seeing as I have a child sized head/face. (Literally. Luke's winter hat totally fits my head, and all my baseball caps are kid sized. I know. It's weird). So the glasses are a little big on my face, which you know, that look is in, so I figured it was okay.

ummm. Yeah. That's my only con. 

The best part is, that Firmoo has a program where new customers get their first pair of glasses for FREE
Seriously. You'll just pay shipping. Create an account, virtually try on the frames, select your pair, input your prescription, and shipping info, and you're done! Bam. A free pair of glasses for you too! And if you decide you don't like them when they arrive? It's easy to get a refund or exchange them for another pair. 
(your doctor's office doesn't do that!)

Would I use them again? Probably. If I found a frame I liked in the "small" section. 
Would I have my husband/mother/sister use them? Definitely. Their heads are normal human sized.
Would I tell you to try a pair of Firmoo glasses? Depends. Do you like free? Is your head also regular sized? Then yes.


  1. Your glasses are adorable! I started wearing them in first grade :( -- so I understand completely. Your blog is super adorable and you are a very cute pregnant lady! I hope to be back soon!

  2. You are so cute!! I've been wearing glasses forever, too. But I traded mine in for contacts when I was in high school and only wear my glasses occasionally these days. =)

  3. I just got these same glasses and I love them! They look way cuter on you! :)


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