Five fact Friday

1. Trav had a birthday this week. We celebrated with just the three of us, his favorite dinner, and cake. I made this cake for him his first birthday we were married. He took a bite and declared it was "THE Cake" and would henceforth be made on each of his birthdays until the end of time. 
I guess it's pretty good :)
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2. Speaking of  Travis, he's been out of town the last few nights doing some recruiting work... And I know a little boy (and his mama, who am I kidding?) who miss him very much.
Luke has been up until 2 am each night crying/screaming/hyperventilating for his daddy.
"Daddy? Daddy! Need a hug daddy! Daddy, wher arrrre youuuu?" Sometimes I'd take him on a tour of the house to show him daddy wasn't here and he would remember "daddy at werk. At werk. Where go? Daddy gone. Werk werk, at werk. A hug? No. At werk"  annnnd, cue tears. from both of us.
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3. I prepped the cradle, sewed a new crib sheet and a little dolly for the baby. 
It feels pretty good to be getting all my ducks in a row.
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4. We FaceTime with my mom a few mornings each week, and Luke has become obsessed with my brother Aaron (who he calls "air-bear"). Luke got to watch air-bear snow blow the driveway and the thought it was basically the coolest thing ever. He was so focused. 
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5. I just really, really need spring to come. You too?

P.s. do you have any good double stroller recommendations? Send them my way.
I need to start some research. 


  1. Cake recipe? It looks like a giant doughnut! Mmmmm.

    Adam came home from work with a headache yesterday and went straight to bed. Olivia cried for an hour waiting for him to get up. And I cried just reading about Luke's reaction. Dads are so so special.

    When we do skype, Olivia is more concerned with her own picture than who she's talking to!!

    I go several days without even walking out my door right now, so SPRING! Bring it on!

  2. Well, we are both without our husbands... because they are with each other. hahaha. Or at least they were last night. Patrick and Travis hung out without us. (I am in NC visiting my family with the little babe.) I love that little doll you have for your girl! Annnd...you should share your recipe for that cake. It looks awesome.

  3. Are you going to post a recipe for that amazing looking cake?! Or have you already?? And Happy Late Birthday to Travis! Oh, and my double stroller recommendation is a Britax B Agile. My mom bought it for my sister-in-law who has twins and I've pushed it a few times and I really like it. It does have a strap thing so that you can buckle a carseat into one of the sides too. My mom has thoroughly researched strollers and it's her top pick. Haha. Anyway, hope that helps in your search!!

  4. Is that an Aden and Anais blanket with the peacock feathers on it? I've never seen that. It is very cute.

    1. Laurel-
      your email address isn't connected to your account, so I couldn't respond there. I hope you see this! It's not Aden and Anias- it's the same material though- cotton gauze, and it was hand stamped with a carved sweet potato. I love it!


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