five fact friday

1. Some mornings Luke wakes up with the craziest bedhead, and it makes my day.
I also love his requests for "a egg? a pan-pancake? egg? ereal? (cereal) Yeahhh, a egg!"
he's a hungry boy by 8 am.
(yes, some mornings he does have all three)

2. I've graduated to wearing Trav's shirts. Pretty soon I'll have to start wearing his sweaters too.
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3. I am just in love with this boy. The look of glee on his face is because some big boys started playing basketball after church and he wanted to play too.
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4. He is in love with sports, which thrills his daddy to no end. He knows the difference between football and basketball (and cheers the name of the sport we're watching), and yells "touchdown!" during football and "nice shot! oh yeah, good jumpy!" during "ba'etball". He and his daddy play with his basketball hoop all the time (he has a good shot!) and he insists on standing at the other end of the living room to try to make a "ha cor" (a half court shot). And you should see how memorized he is when he watches sports highlights with dad in the evenings.

(the best part? If you ask him what a cougar says (byu's mascot) he will yell "touchdown!" with his arms above his head. If you ask him what a ute says (university of utah's mascot), he will plug his nose and say pee-you!" Travis taught him that trick over the summer, and it's pretty funny to watch. ahhh, the brainwashing :)
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5. I finally posted about our Christmas. It's embarrassing how late the post is, so I back-dated it.
It's here if you're interested. You're probably not. It's February for crying out loud.
get it together, woman!


  1. I had to wear Adam's shirts too eventually. The sad thing was most of his T shirts are Ute shirts. YUCK!

    I wish we could get our kiddos together, they would have such a blast!

  2. that first photo of bedhead is hilarious! I simply adore that little face!


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