five fact friday

This was a really busy and really stressful week. I am so glad to see it go! 
And hey! Happy February!

1. Luke is getting in some big brother practice with this little baby doll. He likes to cuddle it and give it kisses.
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2. I have read Dr. Seuss' ABC's to Luke almost every day since he was born (we lost it for a few months, so I gave him a new one for Christmas). I have it memorized. He is always super concerned that the "ten tired turtles in the tuttle-tuttle tree" won't wake up from their naps. He sits here and says "oh, no! Awake! Awake!"
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3. We got stuck behind a train this week. I always pray that we get to see one, because it makes Luke's day. They are seriously so long here- we sat there for a full 15 minutes watching all the cars go by. We counted "one, two, three, four, nine. one, two, three, four, NINE!"
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4. I'm having some seriously crazy dreams lately. I didn't have any wild pregnancy dreams with Luke, but these ones are a litttttle nuts.
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5. Luke has a new favorite song that he sings alllll day long and I love it. It's from Sesame Street and it goes "sometimes all I need is a book to read" and Luke sings his heart out "I just read! I just read! Need a book, I just read!"


  1. every time I read about Luke it makes me excited to see what Elodie's personality will be. He is hilarious. that last picture just kills me. so cute. ha

  2. Luke just makes me want to have a baby boy! He is the cutest and he is going to be such a good brother! Teaching his cute little sister how to count trains and wake up the turtles and all that good stuff! I can't wait to see pictures of the two of them together!!

  3. I had forgotten about the long trains in Indiana!
    I think you will need to find a baby doll for your family like that one, after all, she will need to come home at some point :)
    Glad your awful week is over.


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