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happy valentine's day lovers! 

I've never been one for v-day, but since Trav & I have been married, it's been a lot more fun. 
We're not really celebrating until tomorrow (babysitter, holla!), but I couldn't wait to give Trav his gift.


I skip the cheesy mugs and bears, and try to go for something more meaningful- which usually means homemade. One of my February goals is to finally get some art up on the walls in our bedroom (somehow, I NEVER end up decorating in there!), so, two birds, one stone...

I painted a canvas with some song lyrics (good morning beautiful). 
Trav always sings me this song to wake me up in the mornings as he pries the pillows away from my face.
(maybe that make it just as cheesy as one of those dumb mugs...but at least it looks nicer!)


It was easy peasy. Black acrylic & water on canvas. Let it dry and hang it up. 
Ideally I would have gone for a larger canvas (and I still might actually), but since we're moving again in a few months, I didn't want to risk getting something too big for our new space. I love the bold black and white.

It took about an hour to get it as dark as I wanted (letting it dry in between coats), so it was my favorite kind of project- quick. It's all about the instant gratification over here. 

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  1. Looks awesome! I love that song too.

  2. this is such a great idea!! i love it! if i was a better painter, or even painted at all, i would so do this. love that it's meaningful and you can treasure it forever. you are so talented!

    and thank you for linking up your post with Marriage Week! :)


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