baby bump: weeks 29 & 30

I feel like I'm gaining weight much slower with this little lady than I did with Luke. My "goal" is 35-40 lbs, but I never got there with Luke, so I'm not expecting to now. I think I have just over 20 lbs (literally) under my belt right now, but I remember things picked up a little bit around week 32, so we'll see!
I feel like she has broken my pelvis. It actually pops. In a place where I am pretty sure there isn't a joint.
My whole body sounds like bubble wrap every time I shift my weight. pop, pop, pop.
I'm waiting on some test results to see if we need to more seriously worry about preterm labor/steroids/bed rest. I am pretty comfortable that the results will be nothing to worry about, but we'll see!
Can I just say that I love pregnancy hair? It's just so shiny. Remind me of this when I'm struggling with my post partum hair. ugh, that is the literal worst.


  1. My hair grew so long while I was pregnant with Axel. Now its hard to deal with it and a newborn, but I'm not cutting it! Its gonna be super fun in two months when its falling out. . .

  2. You sure do look like a cabbage has invaded your body! Your belly is so round! Dread the hair falling out stage-oh who am I kidding? It's still falling out, just ask dad!

  3. Ouch. By the time I had Annabelle my pubic bone was "popping" in and out of place all day and it was so painful. Don't worry! It will go back to normal once all those muscle/tendon relaxing hormones are out of your body. You look super cute!


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