baby bump: week 32

I almost didn't get a picture taken this week. I just kept forgetting to have Trav snap one before I change into my pj's. It doesn't help that I basically just want to be naked. Clothes are just uncomfortable. I need a muumuu. hey g-ma, can I borrow yours? Totally serious. 
So basically, if you come to my house, I'll probably just be wearing leggings or some yoga pants for the next six weeks. And Trav's t-shirts. That's why I'm no fashion blogger folks. 
I think done is the word to describe how I'm feeling. I'm just...done. My body aches like I have the flu, and I have been feeling a little defeated lately. But I'm trying to enjoy these weeks as best I can, because life won't be the same (duh)! I need to soak up all the one on one time I can with Lukie boy. Plus baby girl needs to pack on a few more lb's first. I have a doctors appointment this morning; hopefully everything will still look good and there has been no dilating (Travis hates when I use those kinds of words on the internets. He gets so embarrassed) no further signs of preterm labor.

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  1. Oh man, I feel you on being DONE. These past couple of weeks have just exhausted me and I'm so ready for our little guy to just be here already! I had no idea about the 24/7 achy body thing...so miserable! But on a happier note, you look great!


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