ohh, I meant to blog this week.
You know, maybe finally get that Christmas stuff over with, and jump on the new year resolution stuff. 
We all got the flu. And luke got a double ear infection. 
so yeah, that happened, and other more fun stuff didn't. 
we've been quarantined in our house like a little family of lepers and now that we're getting better I am dyinggg to clean and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and do real things like grocery shop (we're almost out of eggs and milk, soooo, what are we even supposed to have for breakfast I ask you?)

As sick as we all were, little Luke was definitely the sickest we've ever seen him. His fever reached almost 104, and the poor thing didn't even move. We woke him for a doctor visit, and then every four hours for medicine and a quick snuggle. He managed to eat tthree Ritz crackers that first day (he thinks they're cookies), and Gatorade (daddy told him it was tea...his favorite). After a few minutes of being awake, he'd beg to go "nigh-nigh-nigh-nigh?" He literally slept for 36 hours straight before he was awake for more than 45 minutes. 

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
(yeah, the binky came back this week. so sue me)

The worst part was not being able to help him feel better (I mean, we were giving him his antibiotics and three other medicines, but, you know). He laid on my lap and looked at me with those sick, sleepy eyes, and whispered, "need help. I need help" over and over and over. 
And my heart broke over and over and over. 
geeze it still makes me cry.
poor baby. 

So. I'm declaring a mulligan and treating this as the first week in January. 
After I get rid of all the germs in this house (laundry!) and feed us (more eggs!), I'll get to those resolutions. Eventually. I resolve to resolve...sometime this month.      

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  1. Oh that almost makes me cry too!! Its so sad when you can't explain how this will go away soon. I hope he's feeling better now!


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