italian sausage and tortellini soup

so I made up a pretttty tasty soup this week. I meant to take good pictures of it, and make a real blog post, but it disappeared too fast. There were no left overs. I need to make it again this week. 
My point is, it was delicious, and the only picture I have of the soup to entice you to make it also includes my baby bump.
italian sausage and tortellini soup
just make it.

4 TB butter
1/4 c onion
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 tsp garlic, minced
1 tsp basil
1tsp fennel (optional)
2 c. fresh baby spinach, chopped (optional)
1 - 2 italian sausages, chopped (I removed the casing)
5 c. chicken broth
1 c. milk (I actually used half and half because I wanted to use it up)
1/2 lb frozen cheese tortellini
1/4 c Parmesan cheese
pepper to taste

Saute everything but the liquids, tortellini & cheese in a soup pot until onions and peppers are tender and sausage is browned. Then add liquid and tortellini, cook 5 minutes, then add parm cheese. Don't add salt- the cheese and sausage and broth should have enough. Add pepper to taste.


  1. Mmmm, my February goal is to cook dinner once a week. This looks so good and easy enough for a mom of TWO (I'm still adjusting, just FYI it is a BIG adjustment!!) to cook really quick on a week night :)

  2. YUM! This sounds amazing!! I'm definitely making it this week!


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