five fact friday

1. I love the afternoon light in Luke's bedroom. It's just right for a post nap snuggle.
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2. I love watching Luke in church. He looks like such a big boy, singing the hymns and sitting in nursery.
 It doesn't help that he got a big boy hair cut on Saturday either.
(and can we just talk about the bow tie?)
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3. It looks like we're starting the beginning stages of potty training over here. Luke has been requesting  "poe-py on a potty, mama? I go? on a potty? a poe-py?" And I'm happy to report he's been successful.
I've never been so proud of someone's bathroom business before. #momstuff
any advice?
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how cute is he? he seriously cuddled that fire truck for 20 minutes.

4. I hit the third trimester today, holla! Guess we're in the home stretch.
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turns out a few of our neighbors have been listening in on our apartment.
I guess their police scanners can pick up on our baby monitor. sooooo. that's creepy.
that's been happening for 8 months before another neighbor thought to tell us.
and yeah. baby monitor is OFF. but now I can't hear Luke at night (our bedrooms are on opposite ends of the apartment). He doesn't usually wake up in the night, but you just never know, ya know?'


  1. Soooo creepy about the neighbors! For potty training my only advice is once you switch to underwear do not give in and go back to diapers (except for nighttime, we waited awhile before going with underwear at night).


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