five fact friday

1. My dad came to visit us last weekend. It was probably the highlight of Luke's life- or at least he acted like it. He invented this game to play with his pop-pop and Luke was laughing so hard he couldn't even stand up. It was hilarious. I have literally never seen him laugh that hard, ever.
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2. Plus, my dad came bearing gifts of German chocolate, straight from the motherland (can't believe my family was willing to part with a few bars!) and some of my old baby clothes. Really excited to see baby girl in them.
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3. So this happened this week. Yuck. Actually it wasn't quite as bad as I remembered- it helped that this bottle was literally half the size of the one I had to drink with Luke. So I was feeling pretty good about it, until Kate told me she just had a small little cup! And then I remembered that some doctors give out candy bars instead. Lucky girls :)
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4. Pregnancy fatigue is kicking my trash this week. After a particularly rough day with Luke, Trav sent me a text to let me know that he would be gone in the evening for some church things. I totally lost it, and requested some chocolate ice cream bars to get me through. That good man delivered. I think I'll keep him.
(I ate three that night, but we'll pretend I didn't)
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5.Luke is pretty hilarious these days- he has developed a real little imagination.
He had a 45 minute conversation last night in his crib with his Elmo and Ernie dolls, and I was dying outside his door.
"oh, Nernie! 'ow are you? You good? Heyyyy Nelmo! You hap-py? I so hap-py. A bite? A bite Nernie? It's good. It's not hot. Mmmmm, good! Oh, a hug?"


  1. I love when you tell Luke stories. I'm dying over that conversation between Elmo and Ernie. "A bite Nernie?" hahaha. My mom brought some of my baby clothes for Elodie, but I was a much fatter baby. She's going to have to wait quite a bit before she can fit into any of them. ha. My blessing dress is ginormous on her :(

  2. Luke's conversation is so cute. I love that he assured his friend the food wasn't hot. It's the important things like that you have to be sure of :)

    And I've heard so many horror stories of the glucose drink. NOT excited to do that one day!


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