baby bump: week 28


having lots of contractions, which isn't really new this week, but they're sort of getting really painful? So you know. just more resting. My doctors are monitoring. Also. See that little bump on my bump? Mah belly button. It popped as soon as I had that positive pregnancy test, but I don't think it made its way into a photo yet. Luke is pretty interested in my "belly butt". Heck, so is Travis. It's funny to push.
craving fruit. Yesterday I ate an entire carton of blackberries for lunch. And today I ate six kiwis before I remembered I'm mildly allergic. oops.
This week has been one long beet juice day. Thank you pregnancy hormones & lack of sleep for making me cry like a crazy woman. Poor Travis. He bent down yesterday morning to kiss my forehead goodbye before he left for work (luke was still in bed, so I was too), and I burst into tears. I mean, already? Before 8:00?  And then again last evening. And again on an afternoon phone call as I related a string of really frustrating events. I could tell he was a little bewildered, and then it hit him. "Beet juice day", he stated.
Let's just make it a beet juice week. Good thing he gives really good hugs.


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  2. You are fabulous, and also you are cute, so there's that. Sorry it's been a beet juice week. Love you!!
    (P.S. That deleted comment was me, but I didn't realize I was signed into my husbands account. Oops.)

  3. Adam calls them 'emotional days'. Not as cute, but pretty much the same thing. And of course that's all I've had for a week now (baby blues and what not). I'm sorry, they are rough. :(


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