baby bump: week 27

it's feeling more real. Maybe it has to do with tiny baby socks and little baby gowns in the wash (anything to reduce those nesting nightmares). Or maybe the it's the wee lady who kicks me all night long. Or all the instagrams of my blogger friends' babies (seriously guys?! You're making my ovaries weep and I've already got one cooking in here).
sleeping is getting harder. I can feel the weight of my belly pulling me over (and I still have a loooong way to grow), but it's nothing a little tylenol PM can't help with.
craving a coke. Also brownies. 
 I'm slowing down. Luke and I have one busy errand/cleaning/get stuff done day and then I need one day of rest on the couch to catch up. Chasing after a toddler keeps me busy, but I'm so grateful I'm not working this time around. Mustering up the energy to care for one toddler (you know, with couch days), is much easier than teaching 25 energetic eight year olds each day (with no pajama days!).
p.s. that skirt doesn't zip up all the way anymore. I won't tell if you won't.


  1. brownies sound delicious and you look radiant!

    i hope that everything continues to go smoothly!

  2. You look AMAZING!! Congrats on baby #2... so exciting :)

    And I just have to say, that is SUPER creepy that your neighbors were listening in through your baby monitor! Why didn't they tell you sooner??


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