baby bump: week 26


feeling  achy. I feel pretty good overall, except for my hips and upper back. She really must have grown, because that familiar pain below my shoulders is back from trying to balance my bosoms + belly. My previous ob said that if God were smart, He would have had women carry their boobs on their back to balance this pregnancy weight. That'd be weird. (speaking of bosoms, since mine have, uh, grown back to their former glory, Luke thinks there are babies in them too...he points to my belly and says "bebe!" and then points to each of mah ladies and declares "bebe! bebe!" Uhh. no kid.)
anxious to get everything in order. Is anxious the right word? I am having nightmares that I am IN LABOR, and I check my self out of the hospital to run next door to the conveniently located Kohl's to buy baby clothes because I don't have anything for her to wear. Which is a joke. Because I do have some clothes washed and ready.
wishing time could slow down a little. I am just really enjoying my time with Luke, one on one. He's my little buddy. It's nice just having one kid in the shopping cart, one set of diapers to change, one tiny person's needs to attend to... you know. It's just nice.


  1. I am dying over Luke thinking your boobs are pregnant. hahaha. I had nightmares that the baby would come and I had no diapers. So I would be searching and searching for them and find them in weird places. (like in books) and then the baby would shrink to the size of an action figure and the diaper would not fit. Awful. haha

  2. oh my yes. so sick of these giant boobs as well. :( Luke is too funny!


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