baby bump: 22/23/24/25 weeks

whoops. I definitely fell behind in posting these. 
I did take the pictures though, so that sounds for something right?
Here's a little bit of bump catch up...


feeling pretty sore. These hips, I tell ya. I feel like I'm 90. But besides that, I feel pretty good! I've been getting enough sleep (read: early bedtime), so besides the time between weeks 24-25 (cue sick eyes in week 25's picture) when the flu hit, it's been a nice month.
I can definitely feel my skin stretching again. She must have had a nice little growth spurt around Christmas (or maybe she didn't like competing with all the food I was eating?), because space was definitely tight there.
still wracking our brains over a name. I think she'll be like her brother- nameless in the hospital for a day. We just can't agree. Travis is most unhelpful and very oppositely opinionated.
Much less nauseous. I only need to pop a Zofran a handful of times a week. hurrah, hurrah!


  1. What a cute bump you have! And I feel ya on the hips thing...I've been waking up in the middle of the night with hip pain, and when I take my first few steps in the morning I feel a hundred years old! Goodness, what fun pregnancy can be :)

  2. How do you look bigger at 22 weeks than 23? Isn't pregnancy weird? Ha ha! Yay for less zofran, I did not like the side effects of that stuff.

  3. This is adorable. Absolutely so.
    I adore babies. I have six nephews, and one adopted niece and nephew, but I don't have any of my own yet.

    Good luck picking out a name though! Hopefully she won't have to wait TOO awfully long. I know that I was nameless for three days, haha.



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