twenty twelve

It's been an awesome year. It was so fun to look back at how far we've come and how much Luke has grown. 2012 brought a lot of big changes to our family, and 2013 looks just as promising.

diapers purchased: 1,342
states lived in: 3
states visited: 7
gallons of milk consumed: 109
loads of laundry: 128
plane rides: 17
instagrams taken: 664
doctor's visits: 12
 phone calls to poison control: 4
trips to the ER: 2
weeks slept without a binky: 22
amish handpies consumed: 12
times my boys melted my heart:

+we moved back to Provo from Philadelphia 
+Lukie Jay learned to run (what!?)
+Luke put his legs to good use 
+we made our own macaroons 
+I freaked out over Luke's coming birthday
+and got strep throat
+I fulfilled a lifelong dream and made myself a rag rug
+Luke had surgery (brave boy!)
+Trav graduated 
+Trav & I went to mexico (sans baby!)
+we moved to Indiana
+I had my second mother's day as this boys mama
+I made an awesome triangle quilt
+we lived up summer in our new town
+we went to the zoo and I got goat puke on my skirt
+I made a teepee
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+we went to the county fair
+we celebrated the fourth indiana style
+I got my wisdom teeth out...so glad that's over
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+I became obsessed with this sandwich (blame the pregnancy...)
+Luke had strep...again
+we celebrated four years of marriage
+and bought a second car! yay!
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+I became a vegetable, victim of the first trimester 
+Luke had his first haircut
+we explored the Amish community
+we took away the binky
+we announced baby number two!
+after months of mama guilt, I finally had some energy to play with Luke again
+I made some killer tomato soup
+it's a girl!
+we enjoyed fall...and I used my kid for slave labor (kidding)

+I hugged my baby a little closer
+we realized that Luke is more boy than baby
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  1. Yay for new babies in 2013!! And how dang cute are baby hospital gowns?!?!? Sad you don't live in Provo anymore, so we could meet up! :)

  2. What an awesome year :) Here's to a great 2013! (and a cute new baby girl for you!)


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