It's not Christmas without...

I've asked a few of my fellow bloggers to share some of their favorite Christmas traditions with you.
Activities or recipes, these are things that, to them, make it really feel like Christmas.
Because everyone knows, it's just not christmas with out ___ 

First up we have Brooke, who blogs over at Silver Lining.
She's a girl after my own heart if I ever saw one.  
Thanks Brooke! 

Crucial is a loose term during the holiday season. Mint M&Ms become crucial sometime in mid-November, and trips to the best sledding hill in the neighborhood are crucial when school gets out. But really, there's one thing that Christmas cannot exist without (at least for me). And that is Tree Lightings.

Let me explain. Growing up in Portland, I would always go to the lighting of the huge tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Even though I'd see lights and hear Christmas songs and even shop Black Friday deals, Christmas somehow wasn't ever there until the big tree lit up and everybody cheered and I got some hot chocolate on the way home.

Now, living in a different state, I go to the lighting of my favorite group of local shops - The Riverwoods. It's fun and free, and the best way I know to really get the holidays going. So now that the lights are up, bring on the Christmas cookies and scarves!

Quick, before I go, a shout-out to the amazing Rachel: she's one of my best blogging friends. Turns out our life stories have a lot in common, and I frequently email her asking her opinions and advice about anything and everything. She always takes the time to give me thoughtful answers and different perspectives. Thanks Rach! 

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