five fact friday

1. Luke loves my doctor's office because they have a killer train set, complete with noises.
and lollipops, of course.
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2. Sometimes I watch him, just doin' his thing, and I just melt. He is like a real little person, lounging around. 
Plus that diapered bum gets me every time.
(will someone tell me why he thinks he can take off his pants?)

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3. Luke went to an activity at church last Saturday. The young women in our ward helped the little kids make presents for their parents (and decorate eat lots of sugar cookies {luke had four}). Luke made us this little ornament. It felt like a dream come true to be given something that my little boy had helped make for me.

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4.I bought a new wallet this week. After eight years of heavy use through high school, college, and married life, I finally retired my old one. It had a good life. I still had prom pictures in that thing.
And my wedding dress alteration card. And football tickets from my freshman year of college.
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5.  I'm going to need to start eating my breakfast before this kid wakes up.
He's a total pancake thief.
he already had his own, plus eggs and toast. his little sister is going to have to fight for food!

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  1. Olivia can take off her diaper, but only if her pants are already off. So thank goodness for that, but it can't last forever can it?

    Olivia can eat two full bowls of oatmeal for breakfast if I let her and then an orange and then my breakfast too. . . toddlers, who knew?

  2. That is so cute that he made you a gift! So sweet =]


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