five fact friday

1. These two. I just die.
Luke lives for when his daddy comes home. As soon as he does, he explodes into nonsense chatter, telling da'ee all about his day. When Trav heads into our bedroom to change, Luke sits by the door and yells, "Dad! Dad! Da'ee!" until he comes out and they play a few dozen rounds of catch.
(Luke's got a pretty good arm now)
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2. I've started my frequent trips to the bathroom during church.
If you need to find me, I'm probably there.
(our church is three hours long each Sunday)

3. These were probably the most delicious things I've eaten all month. My neighbor brought them by.
Trav is a champ and let me eat all of them, except two.
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4. I've also eaten way more cuties than I'd like to admit.
But that makes it officially Christmas, right?
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5. I love seeing Luke be affectionate with this baby doll. He loves giving her kisses and counting her toes.
"one, two, tree, four, nine, nine, nine, eight, nine, six, two, NINE"
It makes me excited to have him cuddle his baby sister- although we're glad she's not here yet.
we're a house full of sickies this week. boo.


  1. One time I went to the bathroom during church and it was like a pregnant woman convention in there. I wanted to skip going back to nursery and just talk babies with them all day.

    Let's you and I get together with a big bag (or two) of cuties. I've eaten four today, at least!

  2. So cute!!!!! Those strawberries look delicious!

  3. aw, that's just too sweet!! and the santa strawberries

  4. Those strawberries look so good! What are they? And I love the top picture. It is so cute. I can't wait for my daughter to do that. She already gets excited when my husband comes home but I am looking forward to the look of "your my hero".

  5. You have one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. He looks just like my baby cousin, precious!


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