baby bump: week 20


turned 20 weeks on Friday. Crazy to think we're already halfway to meeting our little lady. 
craving doughnuts and pancakes. Good thing Travis has come through on both accounts this week. Also strawberries. yummm.
can't stop looking at little girl things. and nursery ideas- even though she'll just be sleeping with us, and we'll be moving again a few weeks after her birth. 
feeling itchy. Not just my tummy, but my bosoms too. I hate going out in public because then I'm not free to itch. boo.
thinking about names. suggestions?


  1. This is so cute! Love the graphics and everything!

  2. Dang my boobs are itchy all the time too. And I hate that they are so big. I was so happy with my A cup!

    Girl names are my favorite!!! I had a really hard time picking for this boy I've got coming. My girl is named Olivia and other names I hope to use are Penny, Sophie and Wendy. But probably not all of them because that would be a lot of girls!

  3. Good luck with moving after she is born! Good luck. =] As for a name, we have a LONG list of girl names we like. We try to stick with names that are personal or mean something special- family names, heroes, best friends. So when our kids ask why they were named that, we can give them a good reason. We have Sariah, and our next will probably either be Lucy (my husbands G'ma) or Camille (my best friend).

  4. I am in love with the name Elizabeth. Or Sophia. Or Joy.
    *Sigh* I should be having another baby. :)

  5. Yay for halfway!! :) And itching when you can't scratch is the worst! Haha.


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