baby bump: 21 weeks


feeling pretty good this week. Except for the cold that attacked our family (sore throats all around!).
still craving fruits- strawberries and citrus. I've been pounding those cuties like they're going out of style.
this little lady is getting stronger. In a few more weeks, she might rival her brother, the karate master.
She hangs out superrrr low though, so you can imagine my bladder. oi.
Getting lots of surprised, "oh, are you expecting?" when I or someone else mentions my pregnancy. Which makes me confused? I know I am not huge yet (will totally get there soon), but I definitely don't look this way in real life. I guess I might just still look fat? I cried for about 20 seconds over that. (hormones!)


  1. I met two super cute moms at a park one time and when I mentioned my pregnancy they said, "I never would have guessed you were pregnant!" So I guess they thought I was just chubby because I thought it was super obvious. Oh well! :)


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