I'm joining the thankful posts a little late. 
we had our own thanksgiving-for-a-family-of-three (with all the trimmings!), and we were just enjoying being on our own for the holiday. IT WAS SO NICE to stay home.

thanksgiving means more to me in the past few years than it did growing up.
I think some of that is natural, as I've grown and matured. 
but I think most of it came from our thanksgiving accident two years ago.
since it was pre-this-blog, I thought I would share a really condensed version. 

we were driving up to denver from utah a few days before thanksgiving. While it was still light outside, Trav and I flipped through a baby name book- I was pregnant with Luke. I wrote down our possibilities on an old McDonald's napkin (I just found that napkin again this week...). It grew dark, and after a few hours of sitting, I was pretty uncomfortable. My seat belt kept locking up on me every time I tried to shift my weight around, so every few minutes I'd unbuckle, retract the seat belt, and re-buckle. I re buckled, blinked, and opened my eyes, and there it was. The largest buck I'd ever seen, right on our windshield. We were going about 80 mph (the speed limit was 75; we're not crazy), so it was a terrific crash and the buck's body was thrown into the left hand lane. We could hear other cars thumping over it. There was smoke everywhere and I thought the car was on fire (turns out air bags explode chemicals). No one stopped to help, but soon enough there police men and ambulences a-plenty. I stopped feeling the baby move, and started cramping, so they took me to the closest hospital and kept me there for 24 hours and were able to stop my contractions and calm the fetal distress.

every november since, I replay these events and I just am overwhelmed with how blessed we were. There were a million tiny things that could have changed the outcome drastically. 
The antlers pierced the windshield around Travis' head- had he been shifted to either side, they would have hit his skull (he did get glass in his eye though, ouch). I was currently buckled, which saved baby's life. I had just turned 24 weeks, which meant that the hospital had a vested interest in saving the baby- a few days earlier and I would have had a heartbeat check and maybe an ultrasound and then been sent on our way. Instead I got to fall asleep to the comforting beat of his heart on the monitors. We didn't see the buck coming, which meant Travis didn't try to slow down- which is actually a good thing! We weren't burned or broken. Besides being achy and sore, all three of us were totally fine.
Our car was totaled, clearly. But we had amazing car insurance that not only allowed for us to get a new (better for us) car, it  paid for our medical expenses.

and that leaves me thankful. Thankful for not just our food and clothes and home, but for our lives and our health. For my husband and our baby who got to bake a bit longer.
sometimes it's funny how you don't realize what you have until you almost lose it.

and the deer?
Travis and his dad went back the next day to take a look at him. His body was pretty mangled...and some one else had beat Trav to the punch and cut his head off. He must have had a nice set of antlers.
We affectionately refer to him as "Bambi's dad", or "that stupid deer".


  1. Deer are scary! My uncle was on a motorcycle run with his buds when a deer hit him. He got pretty bad road rash and his bike was totaled, but he wound up okay. I'm sorry about your car, but I had to come laugh at "Bambi's dad." Cutest reference ever, considering the circumstances (or maybe I'm morbid, who knows).

  2. Oh my goodness that is so scary! It's crazy how different life might have been! I'm so grateful you were all safe!


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