pick your battles

(image is mine)

some days I can only describe Lucas as "delightful".
On those days, Travis comes home and says, "how do you not just have a blast every day?"
And we do! because he is delightful.

most days.

then there are the other days. 
where he runs from one naughty thing to the next.
where I hop in for a quick shower and come out to find the tree stripped of all the ornaments
and a boy without pants, who helped himself to a box of Cheerios from the pantry.
and where are his blasted socks?

you can guess which kind of day today is.

but the secret is, I'm still sort of having a blast. 
(it's nap time)


  1. Awww the joys of motherhood!! ♥ Cant wait to experience it soon :)

    FOllowed you :)

  2. Nap time, serenity! Hang in there :-) Tomorrow will be new!

  3. My husband says the same things! And it normally always follows days similar to those.

  4. Definitely these are the hectic times!!

  5. you sound so positive about that. I've always thought it is too hard

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  6. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog- I am your newest follower :D



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