is your man doing it?

Somehow, Travis has never heard of it. (maybe because we attended BYU where facial hair is against our honor code...okay, mustaches are allowed, but given "creeper" status...) Anyway, he's joining up this year.
Apparently everyone in his office do it, only they go for the full beard effect.
no shaving at all.

We'll see if he makes it the whole month!
(I'm curious to see what Luke thinks/if he notices)

(I totally considered joining along and not shaving my legs. BUT, then I realized, that come the new year, I won't be physically ABLE to see my legs, much less shave them, so I'd probably regret not shaving them when I had the chance)


  1. BAHAH! I've never heard of this!!
    I will not be telling Scott about it, as I hate when he doesn't shave -_- He's such a prickly pear...and for some reason, he can't grow a full beard/moustache anyway.

    And the shaving legs thing....difficult as a mommy. That's my excuse. ;)

  2. I prefer the full beard to the mustache...but I'm a little glad that Brian works for the church now and can't have facial hair!


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