ho, ho, ho

I had to share this.
Maybe I'm a terrible parent, but it sure cracked me up.

There is this life sized singing statue of Santa at Lowe's. He's on a motion sensor, so when you walk by, he will start singing and dancing. He looks fairly realistic, to a toddler anyway. 

We had been to Lowe's the week before and showed him to Luke- who flipped out. 
Then, we had to go again the next week, so we walked by the general area where Santa was. Luke was totally aware that that Santa guy was around, and we could see his face start to get nervous. We tried to talk to him and tell him it was okay- and see? Look, he's even fun! Let's sing with him. 
no dice. His face got more and more concerned (he wouldn't look directly at the Santa, just out of the corner of his eye), until he burried his head in dad's shoulder. We turned to leave, which set off the motion sensor, and one more time, Santa burst into song...and Luke burst into tears. 
poor boy.
(wait til we try to get him to sit on Santa's lap!)


  1. That is so sad! In a cute sort of way. My dad got our daughter this stuffed dog that can rolla round and laughs when you touch its paw, and my daughter goes from freaking out to loving it. Its sad that they get so scared by things that are meant for them!

  2. LOL that is so something I would do, too funny :-)

  3. Just thought I'd say hi! Just came over from 'Life of Bon' and I must say that the birth story you wrote over there gave me shivers...such a beautiful way to describe the birth of a little one as also the birth of a Mum! I have been enjoying reading your stories and creative ventures, hope you don't mind if I follow along :-)



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