halloween cupcakes

I had every intention of posting these on Halloween, but that morning I got into a physical therapy appointment and in the afternoon we drove to Ohio to visit cousins. 
So now it's irrelevant, but I'm posting it anyway.
file it away for next year.

I've been making these fun cupcakes for the last few halloweens. 
They're easy and fun to share at a party (although this year, Trav just took them to share at work!).

You need:
cake mix of your choice (or make homemade cupcakes!)
vanilla frosting
junior mints
almond slivers
chocolate chips
jumbo marshmallows


bake your cupcakes, and allow to cool. then decorate!


and you're done!


  1. SO cute! Thanks for sharing.

    New to blog world but would love for you to stop by,
    Kasey @ barelyfabricated.blogspot.com

  2. Um the word "crap" and food just don't go together!You should change your wording to make it sound indulgent or excessive. (They are cute though)

  3. Geee so cute cupcakes in here! I was browsing for more Halloween recipes and found these Halloween Cupcakes of yours. Thanks for sharing and I do hope I could pin some nice photos on my Pinterest boards. Good day!

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