five fact friday

1. This is one of my new favorite pictures of Luke. It's just of his back, which is mostly what I see of him when he's outside. He sure is quick.

2. I got a sexy little support band physical therapy this week.
try not to be jealous.
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3. Luke is really enjoying all the chocolate bars...and who am I kidding? I am too.

4. Luke is very into helping these days.
Heaven forbid I vacuum or sweep without allowing him to "help"

5. What does it say about me that the highlight of my week was discovering that there were new episodes of sesame street on netflix? don't answer that.


  1. cute post!!! your little boy is adorable. have a great weekend!

  2. Do you like your support band? Pregnancy makes my hips ache madness, and I always wanted one...but wasn't sure if it was worth it. What do you think?

    1. Hi Mary!
      You left a comment on my blog about my pregnancy support band.
      (You are a "no-reply" blogger, so I am hoping that this reaches you!)
      YES. It helps SO much. It was $35 from my physical therapist, which was not as much as I thought they might be! I don't need to wear it when I'm sitting down or not being very active. I do wear it any time I am up running around after my toddler or running errands. It helps me to not feel like I'm going to die after I'm done grocery shopping! I'd say it is well worth the price. Hopefully it will help you too! Good luck!


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