five fact friday

1. I started feeling this babe move this week. Those first few kicks are always so startling!
I had a grumpy Luke cuddling on my lap the other evening, and this baby was kicking against his back.
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2. I went to see a physical therapist this week. I had some high hopes for relief.
My legs and hips forget how to work properly when I'm pregnant, leaving me in pain and often unable to walk even a few steps on my own.
AND YOU GUYS. I was totally pain free the entire rest of the day (and then I slept on an air mattress out of town, sooo, there went that!) But since I'll be going every week, it's not too bad.
I am SO GRATEFUL for the help!
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3. We drove a couple hours to Ohio to take Luke trick or treating with his cousins- which, of course, he loved. I couldn't even get a decent picture because he wanted to be off and running to get his candy!
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4. Luke got to visit a Sesame Street exhibit yesterday. This deserves it own post
(with totally obnoxious pictures of my kid doing cute things), so I'll just say IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER.
the kid had a ball.
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5. He's also enjoying visiting his cousins and having little people just his size to play with ALL THE TIME.
He and cousin Graham even have matching jammies, an occasion which prompted Graham to declare
"Let's celebrate with a song!"
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  1. so cute!!! little cousins are the best. and I must take Elijah to Sesame Street!

  2. sweet :*
    I love your blog <3
    Maybe you can follow my blog -> likethewayidoit.blogspot.com

    All the best,

    Lara ♥


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