baby bump: week 19


feeling really full. turkey + baby = not much room for breathing
pretty positive I'm going to be nauseous until April. I feel better now that I've stopped waiting to feel better, if that makes sense. I mean, I don't literally feel better. Just less concerned about FINALLY FEELING BETTER.
can't stop looking at her ultrasound pictures. We didn't get a profile picture of Luke, so these are extra special. I loved watching her suck her thumb. And she has her brother's nose. Plus two kidneys (Trav was born with one, so it's a running family joke to check for two kidney's at every Frakes baby ultrasound).
getting more excited as I think about all the fun things I'll get to do with my daughter(!). Baby boys definitely have a special place in my heart, so I didn't think I would be as excited for a girl. But I am!

and Travis? He told my dad (who works at Remington) that he's going to need another shotgun.


  1. Over here from Bonnie's blog. You are officially adorable! Love your blog.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  2. I really like your posts. I loved what you said in your guest post at Life of Bon. You explained motherhood so well. =]

  3. Read your guest post over at Life of Bon! I have two babies 17 months apart and can say this...you won't love your secind any less or your first any more. BUT, you have more memories of the first and the newness of that makes the love different. Make sense? My daughter (my first) has a special place in my heart for making me a mama. My boy (my second!) has a special place for being my baby and being a mama's boy. Congrats on both babies, they make life amazing, right?!

  4. You look lovely pregnant- congrats on having a little girl! It's perfect that you have one of each and close in age :D



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