baby bump: week 18


feeling so sick of drinking ginger ale. I swear, if you cut me open, my veins would run Canada Dry. Also fat- not baby bump cute. I try on a few outfits each day and nothing feels good! Soon my maternity clothes will fit, and that will help.
anxious for our ultrasound on Wednesday. Mostly because I want to start buying little clothes. Or just looking through Luke's newborn clothes (so tiny!) if I happen to be wrong about the gender.
loving being pregnant on thanksgiving. Best holiday to be pregnant for, ever. I mean, hello. I'm already wearing stretchy pants! Bring on the turkey. Plus! Trav got to feel this little babe move last night. How fun.
discussing names. We have different tastes, so finding one we both love is always tricky! I like to explore all my options.

and just for fun, a side by side comparison of baby 1 and baby 2. 
I was totally wearing normal pants still with Luke.


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