baby bump: week 17


feeling extra sick again this week (so excuse my face up there). What is with that? Nothing beats that 4:30 am wave of nausea as a wake up call...except EVERYTHING ELSE. thank goodness Travis is always willing to make a run for my medicine and ginger ale! and the headaches...those are a fun mix to the party.
wearing a mix of maternity and regular clothes. I'm definitely in the maternity pants phase, but the maternity shirts are too big yet, and my regular clothes are too tight. I feel like I'm still in that frumpy too-many-cheeseburgers-or-baby? phase. But loving my very fashionable support band. SO helpful.
grateful for a little boy who is always so intuitive. He will climb up behind me on the couch and rub my back and hair while he watches sesame street. This kid is seriously the best...which means my next one will be out of control? I hope not.
craving oh my gosh bagels. and cream cheese. Spaghetti with cream cheese tomato sauce. and grilled cheese- on good french bread with lots of butter, provolone cheese, and sauteed onions (I've had 6 in the last three days...).

p.s. a tinier luke was featured on the disney baby blog
crazy kid


  1. My mom always thought I was a boy , while pregnant because "only a man could make her feel so terrible"...but my girl's pregnancies were so much worse/sick than Coleson...I'm crossing my fingers for you and hope you get past the sick stage soon.

  2. Cheese, eh? I craved cheese, but not with Chase.....hmmmmm? I wonder? Little girl perhaps? I craved cheese with both girls.


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