baby bump: week 16

I wasn't planning on sharing weekly bump photos this time around.
Buttttt, I realized I needed the motivation to actually take them. 
And if I don't post them, I probably won't take them.
(this picture barely got snapped...late friday night right before I took of my clothes to put on my stretchy pants. is there anything better than a good pair of stretchy pants when you're pregnant??)
And then I'd feel totally guilty that baby #2 got jipped and Luke has these photos from week 16-39.
So sorry if you hate these kinds of posts (I sort of love reading them)? I'll keep them brief.


baby is a-wigglin' in there. I am feeling this little squirmer earlier than I felt Luke- probably because I know what I'm looking for!
Totally craving chinese food (SO BAD!) and NY style pizza. Also bagels. The good Jersey kind. yum.
Feeling much better- energy is pretty much all the way back, and the nausea is slowly slipping away. Slowly.
grateful for physical therapy- it is helping my pain so much!

p.s. head over to Pamela's blog for a huge birthday giveaway I'm participating in :)


  1. You Are glowing and look beautiful!! So happy you're feeling better too.
    And I personally love these kinds of posts..keep em coming!!;)

  2. Congratulations on your baby! You look so cute!


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