you guys

there's a big problem over in our household today.

there is a mouse, or possibly a gerbil living under our stove. 
join me while I freak out for a moment, please.

Last weekend, I thought I'd be an awesome wife and really clean up the place before Trav came home from his business trip. This included cleaning the fridge and reorganizing the pantry...where I found something that looked an awful lot like lots of mouse poop, but a little smaller. But nothing had been eaten, so I mentioned it to Travis and sort of ignored it.

Last night Trav was watching some football thing after I went to bed and he heard nibbling...and saw what he swears is actually a gerbil nibbling on one of Luke's discarded pretzels (that makes us sound dirty...we sweep all the time, scouts honor...but with a toddler, sometimes you just miss some stuff). AND THEN HE TOLD ME ABOUT IT. AND THEN EXPECTED ME TO SLEEP (I didn't ). Instead, I had nightmares about mice nibbling my hair while I slept. The rain outside even sounded like little nibbles. It was awful.
and all day, I have been terrified that this gerbil creature was going to run across my toes while I was cooking...or worse, take a bite, because maybe he would think they were sausages.

this is the stuff of nightmares people.

traps have been set (hope he likes peanut butter...we sprinkled pretzels on too, for good measure. we know he likes those!), and hopefully he doesn't bring any more friends with him. 

In other mice-related trivia, once when I was 10, I caught my big toe in a mouse trap. 
I was running through the sunroom into the house to get some pokemon cards to trade my neighbor and forgot my dad had set a new trap (there were lots of mice in new jersey).
It hurt like the devil.

Also once in San Diego, we caught a rat the size of a house cat in our backyard.
also nightmarish. 

okay. thanks for indulging me.
(I also did not proof read this post. too distracted by THE GERBIL, so sorry)


  1. I loved your post! We had a mouse in our place here in Philly last spring and I absolutely freaked out!! It has since been snapped in two. I totally understand how you are feeling.

  2. EEW! I hope you guys catch it! I'm gonna have nightmares now! And rats the size of house cats?! GAH! Race saw some of those on his mission in Chicago and said that he saw one KILL a house cat! Gross!!!

  3. Yuck. I now have the willies...


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