three am

sometimes three am is my best friend.

no, no. not the three am you're thinking of. Not the one where you wake up and can't fall back asleep. 
Or your baby wakes you up crying, or your husband steals all the covers. 
definitely not the one where you're awakened by waves of terrible nausea (pass the ginger ale!).
not that one.

I'm talking about the three am where I've just finished a good dream, and I barely wake from my sleep. 
It's hazy and dark, and really cozy under the covers. Sleep is still in my eyes, but I take a moment to just breathe.
That three am. 
yeah, I like her.
She causes me to reflect on grateful I am for my life. For the cozy bed and warm  house.
for the food in our bellies with the promise of more tomorrow.
for the husband sleeping next to me, and our baby boy slumbering down the hall.
for the new life growing in my belly.

for a brief moment, at three am, I count my many, many blessings.
and then, the greatest blessing of all?
rolling over to four more blissful hours of sleep before my chirping alarm clock down the hall wakes me up for good.


  1. I absolutely love this post, I want to re post this on my blog! Haha... Love the wording!

  2. Such a cute post! Just found your blog. Loving it! Xoxo Jillian


    1. thank you so much! Your email isn't linked to your account, so hopefully you see this! :)


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