five fact friday

1. Delta sort of made me miss my 6:45 am flight on Sunday...which meant I had to wait in the airport with a cranky toddler until the next flight, thus turning our 8 hour travel day into 12. Luckily, even at his crankiest, Luke is still really well behaved and delighted the other passengers (until I had to turn his episode of Sesame Street off...)
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2. Luke has found his new greatest love, my younger brother Aaron. On the way home from the airport, Luke had to hold Aaron's hand (the whole way) and give him hair rubs (one of his forms of affection). All this week, anywhere Aaron was, Luke has had to be too.
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3. So. Let's talk about how my pants don't fit. I had less than a week of being able to rubber band my pants, until I had to take an emergency trip to Target to purchase a belly band (since my previous ones are still in storage with my maternity clothes at home).  YOU GUYS I AM ONLY 13 WEEKS.
I guess Luke very thoughtfully made a ton of room for his future siblings.
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4. This boy loves trains so much he even dreams about them. How do I know?
I'm sharing a room with him, and around 2 am last night, he started sleep talking.
"choo-choo, choo-choo"
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5. You should probably go vote for my costume in Brie's costume contest. It's pretty awesome.
Travis made it. :)

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