diy vanilla

I tried my hand at making some homemade vanilla this summer.
Buying real vanilla at the store is pretty expensive, and I remember my mom making her own when I was younger...
SO. I gave it a shot.

The hardest part was buying the vodka. 
I don't drink. Ever. So I've never actually been around alcohol, much less popped into a liquor store and purchased some.
 I made my mom go with me (she'd also never done it) and we felt like a bunch of rebels.
 The liquor store guy thought we were so weird.


you need: 
vodka (just the cheapest you can find. you're making vanilla, not getting drunk friends)
vanilla beans*
a container to store it in

*you can order these online, but I found some for sale at my local health food store
(I found the little bottles for $1 each at JoAnn's.)

All you do is slice the beans lengthwise, almost all the way through (don't sever the bean).
If you're using shorter bottles, cut your bean to fit (height wise). Drop it in, cover with vodka and cork it. 
Shake once a week or so to distribute the vanilla.
This is the pretty part. Before you shake it that first time, you have some lovely ombre vanilla!

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Let it hang out on your counter and do it's thing for about 6 weeks. Then it's ready to use.

Just keep topping off your bottle with some vodka as it runs low, and you basically have infinite vanilla. 


these would make great neighbor gifts for Christmas. Add a cute tag with some pretty baker's twine, and you're all set. Just start soon so they're ready- or add a "ready by" date so your neighbors know when to use it!

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  1. Hi, I just started following and wanted to say hello! Thanks for this tutorial, I'm definitely going to try it before I pay for expensive extract again!


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