a tale about a boy and his binky

many of you have asked how the no-binky thing went.
I figured, since it was such a dramatic event, it deserved its own post.

The short answer: it was awful.

The longer answer: it was really, really awful.
(this is long. if you don't care, you can skip it!)

It took a month and a half. For that entire month and a half, there was crying and screaming and general weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. On both ends. He slept through the night a grand total of ONCE. Granted, some nights he just woke here and there confused and just needed a back pat.
Other nights we were up for three hours or more.
nap time was horrific. He didn't take any for the first two weeks, and instead cried all. day. long.
He is a boy who loves his routine. He was confused when we seemingly forgot to give him a binky for bed. 
Then he got angry. And BOY. He let us know.
I was at my wits end. He was at his wits end.
 Neither of us were sleeping, and neither of us had any patience left. 
(and pregnant. I felt like I had lead blocks strapped to my body anyway, so this just made it...so.much.worse. It felt like hell {sorry mom}.)

Luckily, I had a nice, more experienced mother friend from church who stopped by one afternoon and took over Luke duty.
I took a walk by myself for an hour. I called my dad and cried. I prayed and I cried.
I walked and I cried (and looked like a fool to everyone I passed). 
And by the end of the walk, I felt better.
When I got back, I put Luke down, and my friend stayed to distract me from his cries.
She tried a few times to get him down, and I tried a few times, and it wasn't working.
She tried once more before she left and it worked!
he napped! For 45 minutes. It was awesome.
Slowly things started getting a little better. A little. And then Luke and I got sick.

I had started going to bed just after Luke to maximize my sleep,
 but when I was sick (sick sick, AND morning sick), I went to bed before him.
Travis woke me up about 10 and said, "You're going to kill me"
Turns out he gave Luke his binky that night. He was right- I was very mad.
His logic was that we both needed sleep, and we weren't going to get better without it. Luke hadn't learned to sleep without it yet, so it wasn't like we were "ruining" any accomplishments yet. He gave it to Luke after he had fallen asleep, and woke up early and took it away before Luke woke up. 
(maybe he thought it was just a good dream?)

And Travis was right. We DID need sleep. And it DIDN'T ruin anything. 
I'm glad he did it; we all felt much better after that. 

A few days later was our Amish trip. We were staying in the same hotel room as our friends, and our baby boys were going to share the nursery together. We were worried about Luke bothering the other baby. 
They had a noise machine, and it was AMAZING. Luke slept through the night, and through his naptimes perfectly while he listened to those ocean waves. WHAT!?
Why did we not think of this? (we had given him a fan for white noise, guess it wasn't enough). 
We came home, and now we play a cd of nature sounds for him all night long. 
It works like a charm and he is sleeping beautifully again (knock on wood)
(bonus, we finally dropped that second nap!)

Is this cheating? I DON'T CARE.
Plus, I remember listening to cassette tapes while I fell asleep when I was a young girl.
The only downside? We listen to it too, through the baby monitor, and it kind of drives us nuts.

1. Take it away much earlier, around a year.
We would have done this if not for the huge upheaval in Luke's life at this time.
Strep, surgery, weaning, our Mexico trip, living with his grandparents for 2 weeks, moving across the country, changing time zones, living in a different house, different routine....
the last thing he needed was his comfort taken away.
I knew from our previous moves that it takes Luke a good month and a half to get comfortable in a new house/routine, so we didn't want to rock the boat anymore during that time either. 
Then we had a string of sickness, teething, and house guests that prevented us from doing it over the summer. This was the literal first chance we had. But next time, hopefully circumstances will allow for an earlier separation. 

2. I'd cut the nipple off a binky and let him have it. Then he could see it doesn't work the same, and he could decide he didn't want it. I thought it would be less confusing/quicker if we did it cold turkey, but a week in, and I was wishing we tried it this way. By that point, we felt it was too late to re-introduce a broken binky, so we didn't. 

anyway. SO GLAD it is over, and we are all sleeping though the night. It was amazing how quickly Luke and I got back to our pleasant, cheerful personalities after we got a night of good sleep. 
August pretty much stunk REAL bad, but I am really proud of both of us for accomplishing this no binky thing! Luke is really a big boy now!


  1. Gah! That sounds like an awful month! I'm glad it's over! I will definitely use your tips! Although Holland doesn't take a binky yet.

  2. This is cute, thank you for sharing!

  3. What?? You cursed! Must have been a BAD month!
    Still love you though flaws and all!


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