five fact friday

1. Luke has started hiding in the cereal cupboard. 
Sometimes I will lose him in the house and freak out for a minute.
Then the little stinker pops out from the cupboard and yells "BOO!"

2. How is it already almost October? I love October.

3. He has started this habit of lining things up.
Like all his bath toys on the edge of the tub.

4. He also takes advantage of the crib rail and props up his sippy cups against the wall.
(We let him keep one cup of water in bed at night. The other is milk which he asked for this morning at 6, before going back to sleep for an hour and a half)
5. Travis is going to NJ for two weeks next month for some training.
Luke and I will be jetting off to visit my parents!
Get excited guys, and stock up on eggs, ketchup, and frozen peas!


  1. Luke just gets cuter and cuter every day. That smile in the second picture just KILLS me.

  2. Luke...Grandma has a surprise for you! Hurry! I also have lots of plans for you and me: walks, jumps on the trampoline, petting zoo, making cookies, trip to the library,picking up sticks, going to the zoo...I suppose I will have to limit my list as there are other people waiting to see your cute face!

  3. he is adorable! really. i'm your newest follower! look forward to reading more :) i'll be back!

  4. oh he is adorable!!!!! tylee always did the lining up think, still does!!! and cupboards were a big hit with my kids in Indiana! haha...
    glad to see all is well! :) miss you guys!

  5. he's so cute!! little boys are so fun:)


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