five fact friday

1. Our boy is sick again. Poor kid. "just" a virus this time.
yep. Still 20ish lbs. It wasn't exact, he wouldn't stay still.
what a little guy!
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2. As hard as it is to have a sick baby, I can't say I don't love the sick cuddles on the couch.
You guys, he even tucked himself in with a blanket next to me. So cute.
Please ignore my smudged mascara.
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3. We're having some family pictures taken this weekend (hope he feels better!).
So I sewed Luke some little suspenders. I die.
Tutorial coming.
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4. I can't tell you how many times I've found him up high in his closet.
little monkey.
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5. We're taking the weekend to really explore Amishland. We've got a room, and we're meeting some friends, and I am totally going to ride in a buggy.
(true story, when I was 14, I was riding in a buggy with an Amish man, and he said, "ever driven a horse and buggy?" And before I could answer, he threw the reins in my lap, and there I was, driving a horse and buggy. Pretty sure I didn't really do anything, but still.)

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