four years

four years ago today I married this guy.

And 5 moves,
9 semesters,
5 jobs,
1 funeral,
27 students,
two honeymoon trips,
1 baby
and a million boxes of diapers later,
 here we are, loving the life we've built together.

So here's to more babies and diapers and cross country moves. 
we've got an eternity to fill.

although I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to take me back to San Diego for the day.
remind me why don't I still live there? oh yeah, cause I married this hot babe. worth it.


  1. I totally forgot your anniversary!! I am so sorry! It is hard to believe it has been FOUR years! We love Travis and are so glad you picked him. He is a wonderful husband, father and Priesthood holder.

  2. AH gorgeous pictures! Happy anniversary :) I love this post.

  3. I LOVE all of your wedding photos!! And happy four years to you too! It sounds like they have been just wonderful! I can't wait to see what you two fill the rest of eternity with! More cute kids like Luke I'm sure! Teehee!


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