five fact friday

1. Luke and I went thrifting yesterday and found these sweet new kicks.
two sizes too big, but he'll grow!

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2. He put this washcloth on his head during bathtime this week.
You have no idea how hilarious he thought he was.
oh, the giggling!
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3.We took away his binky on Wednesday night.
Wednesday night wasn't too bad.
Thursday naps were AWFUL (no naps, just all day crying)
Last night was GREAT.
Today I want to die again.
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4. It seems like naps are what really make him angry.
Please tell me you have some awesome advice to make it easier on us both?

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5. Luke won't stop singing the chorus to his favorite song, Old McDonald.
I love hearing his little voice singing "ee i ee i ohhhh" as he bobs around the house.


  1. I found those exact shoes in pink at a thrift store! So cute.

    No advice from me with the paci, my daughter was never too attached to it. I was so disappointed when she was tiny, but I guess it's good because then I didn't have to deal with taking it away. Good luck, sounds rough!!

  2. Oh Luke, that picture of you crying makes me want to cry! It breaks my heart! Grandma loves you big guy. Hang in there Rachel, it will be over soon. Love you!

  3. He's so cute! I love the funny things that make kids giggle a bunch! And I hope the whole no binkie thing has been going better!!


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