small mercies

I don't know about you, but I believe in a loving God.
I believe He knows that in the middle of a hard day, you just need a tender mercy.
I've found that for me, those mercies usually come in the form of other people.
maybe you call it karma.
I call it a blessing.

Yesterday, we drove eight hours straight, that Lucas and I.
It was supposed to be four.

So thanks, to the McDonald's lady who upgraded my coke to a large, free of charge. 
(I guess I looked like I needed it?)

Thanks to the kind man who, seeing I had my hands full, asked if I needed help, and then graciously carried my tray to a table.

Thanks to the three separate individuals who came to the table and complimented me on how well behaved my son was.
(thanks small son, for being SO GOOD for eight hours with a fever + teething)

And thanks to my husband who sat on the phone with me and helped me around all the detours and construction when my GPS wouldn't.

And thank YOU for your sweet comments on other posts. I love seeing your kind words pop up in my email.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can not imagine that trip! I'm so glad you finally made it and that people were so kind during such a long, hard day! No fun! I do believe in a loving God as well. Thank goodness for people who listen to his small promptings and choose to follow them!

  2. That sounds rough! :(

    When I was traveling with my daughter, people kept offering to help me too. I felt so blessed as well, I love when people show kindness to strangers. :)


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